Do Not Sell My Personal Information

This site is in compliance to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and only applies to users who reside in California. State of California. For more information on the CCPA Please read the privacy policy.

If you are a California resident, the CCPA gives you the option to opt-out from selling your personal data. It is the CCPA describes”selling” or “sale” of personal information as:

“Selling, renting, releasing, disclosing, disseminating, making available, transferring, or otherwise communicating orally, in writing, or by electronic or other means, a consumer’s personal information by the business to another business or a third party for monetary or other valuable consideration.”

Rights of the consumer under CCPA

The CCPA gives Californians California to enjoy the following rights

  • Right to receive information personal data collection as well as CCPA rights
  • The right to have access to personal information that was taken
  • The right to request that information deleted/forgotten
  • The right to be non-discriminatory when privacy rights are being exercised
  • The option to opt-out of the marketing of any information provided by third parties

Personal information is not “publicly available” information. Information that is publicly available is not covered under the CCPA.

What information do we gather?

We can gather the following types of personal information about users such as name email address, address for email, mailing email address, IP address signature, telephone number account number, account name social security number driver’s license , or any other state identification number as well as credit card details.

We also may collect non-personal data about users online activities, including the name of the browser, the type of computer, technical details such as operating system, Internet provider and browsing history or search history, as well as other details about a user’s interaction with a web site or an application.

How we use your data

  • To enhance our customer services: Information you provide helps us to respond to customer service needs and requests for support more effectively.
  • to personalize the users’ experienceWe could use data in aggregate form to better understand how our users collectively make use of our Site’s products and services.
  • to improve our site: We may use feedback we receive to enhance our products and services.
  • to process payment: We may use the details that users provide when placing an the order to only offer service to the order.
  • to run an offer, contest or other survey features: We may send Users information they’ve consented to receiving about things we think might be interesting to them.
  • to send out periodic email messages: We may use the email address to send Users details and information regarding their purchase. It could be used for responding to queries and requests.

For more details, please read the privacy policy..

Our data-selling policy

We do not share, sell or lease Users their personal information to third parties and haven’t previously done so in the last twelve months. We may however give out general aggregated demographic information without linking it to any personal identifiable information on users and visitors to our partners in business or trusted affiliates, advertisers and trusted advertisers.

If you have any other queries or concerns, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]