Flexible Online Payment Process with Payment Gateway Integrations for Authorizing Transactions.

You might build a mobile app, a marketplace, subscription services, or an online storefront –
we shall help you by providing all the needed features.


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50+ Reviews

Advanced Payment Gateway Integration Simplified Online Transactions On Site With Payment Gateway Integration Services

End-customers should easily clear the online payments, so our Xtroniq team integrates the payment gateways through their Application Programming Interface or API. Being advanced programmers, they hold proven expertise in the process of payment gateway integration. Meant for both the in-app and browser-based mobile payments, the Xtroniq team enables the business owners to offer the options to their shoppers to pay with their preferred payment methods, which include all the major card schemes, local methods and mobile wallets like Android Pay and Apple Pay. Our optimized local payment methods enable the payment processes to be initiated in-app, for the shoppers to benefit from a flexible payment experience – regardless of their payment choice. Our Payment Gateway Integration is convenient to the merchants and customers for clearing payments. We create payment gateway solutions for making real-time financial translations flexible, scalable, safe and secured. Hardware and software encryptions are employed for providing added security layer to sensitive information like credit card numbers so the financially crucial information passes one with perfection and complete security.


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Why Do You Badly Need Our Payment Gateway Integration Services? Maintaining All Preconditions, We Are Offering Payment Gateway Integration Services As Per Legal Compliance


Among the range of ways for offering payment gateway integration services for online businesses, we follow API, hosted page, shopping carts, CSE and more. Now for successfully integrating the gateways, we get approval from the legal department, agree with the specific Government policies, ensuring no frauds will occur. We start with the payment integration task after checking with the factors like gateway service providers, company/business type, corporate accounts, country, regional boundaries, personal accounts, supported devices, currency support and more.

  • We prepare the Terms and Conditions page for clarifying the vital points, especially delivery and refund policies.
  • A page, clearly mentioned the privacy policy and user data processing rules are allocated to the app.
  • All the products and services listed on the app are given detailed descriptions, trademarks, and titles.
  • We clearly highlight the customer service and related contact details.
  • We display all the payment options for the end customers to use the payment gateways.
  • Through our payment gateway app integration solutions, we deliver comprehensiveness to diverse industries to make them ready for scaling up to contemporary technology.

Main Features Of Our Payment Gateway Integration


Payments Are Secured

According to PCI and DSS standards, the Xtroniq developing team ensures all the online transactions are completely secured. Against online fraudulent activities, we take all the protective measures.


Assured Transaction

With the payment being completed, the end customers receive the notification through screen Mobile and Email ensuring the transactions are successfully done, and orders successfully placed.


Multi-Currency Payment Is Supported

Since major end customers are submitting their payments through debit and credit cards from different parts of any country, so we are providing multi-currency support.


Multi-Payment Modes Are Supported

There is no need for various more methods since we provide a personalized checkout page for the customers to complete the online transactions.


Solutions & Applications Customization

Our programming team comes up with the best solutions like hosted payments, scheduled payment, recurring payment and split payment, even Mass payment services.


Simplified Management

For checking cash flow and all sorts of transaction details, we are providing a smart analytics tool and dashboard. It is helpful to the merchants and customers from their perspectives.

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You might build a mobile app, a marketplace, subscription services, or an online storefront –
we shall help you by providing all the needed features.