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UX Design Processes Driven By Right Practices And Methodologies Delivering Ample Results

Exceptional UX Designs Keep The Users Engaged And Assist In Achieving Business Goals

A successful product involves beautiful and usable traits, and superior UX leads the customers through a smooth journey. At Xtroniq Technologies and Solutions, our UI and UX designers have honed their processes by incorporating best industry practices and can create the highest standard UX designs. The users’ needs and behaviours multiply over time, but our team has the proven tools along with battle-tested methodologies for delivering outstanding products and services at a constant rate.
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User Researches & Requirement Analysis

Collaborating closely with the business owners, we analyze the key functionalities of products and end users’ needs, we frame solutions to meet the unique business challenges. All the requirements are gathered to start off.

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Designing Strategies & Planning

According to the collected data, we build up a bespoke design plan to meet business objectives, target the audiences and system needs. Customizing the design strategy, we map the expected impact and business dynamics for ensuring the needed results.

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UI Designs, Interactions & UI Development

Adding noticeable design elements and interactions to visual mock-ups, we bring them to life using the updated front–end frameworks and tools. We ensure having a semi-functional and working prototype ready for integrating with the back end.

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Design Testing

Putting a specific testing timeline together for beta versions, we bring in different testing methods for finding and fixing design deviations. We ensure the design is a completely functional application for the digital platforms before the products are launched.


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50+ Reviews

Mobile App UI And UX Designs

First of all, we map out, design efficient and intuitive user experiences, and then effectively design a user interface. This is the crucial design phase where our designers are the experts. We closely work with our clients to finely tune their app contents at the very start of our strategy workshops for designing the apps uniquely which helps us in mapping out the user journey. In this process, we carefully define our target users along with distinctive selling proposition and then map out the app features for aligning with the project’s key objectives. We use industry-leading design and UX research tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma and Invision to develop and perfect the user experience that gives an intuitive and rewarding feeling. Through specialist techniques, we do away with the barriers for the users and ensure the app designs are driven by real-time business goals. Hence, the ideal processes we take up for Mobile App UI and UX Designs include –

Custom Website Design

Website UI And UX

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We assist our clients to reward their customers with easy and enjoyable experiences through well designed and powerful user interfaces deserving definite attention. Our website designers design attractive, user-friendly websites for desktop and mobile applications with the main objective being to serve the customers and end-users, and even to serve better conveniences to business goals. We immensely value the established principles of UI and UX, and adopt the innovative web UI/UX concepts, and develop following the aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D Animation. Our UI and UX audit and design services are customized to boost

How Will Our UI And UX Design Benefit Your Business?

As a reputed and customer friendly UI and UX designing firm, Xtroniq Technologies and Solutions is nationally and globally recognized for assisting modern business needs, while delivering elite solutions at a competitive rate. In fact, there are reasons justifying us to be the best choice for hiring to design web and mobile apps –

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Assured Customer Satisfaction

Working on the latest frameworks and technologies, we can successfully deliver scalable, user-friendly, secured and new business solutions as needed.

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Agile Procedures

We rely to work on Agile methodologies to optimize the methods and practices to deliver the best results.

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Updated And Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated UI and UX designing team are strongly vested in offering high-end business solutions on various technologies and tools.

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Integrity And Transparency

We respect our customers’ ideas and vision, regularly provide them with the project details and consult them for making decisions as needed.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Keeping aside rigid and unwanted parameters, we are offering flexibility to clients for selecting from the different engagement as well as hiring models.

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Fair Pricing Model

We are offering a perfect combination of affordable rates with amazing work quality for ensuring acceptability among our customers.

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